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Hoppe's BoreSnake Bore Cleaner Rifle .222/223/224
Hoppe's BoreSnake Bore Cleaner Rifle .222/223/224
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Fits222, 223, 224, 22-250

Hoppe's BoreSnake Bore Cleaner

This unique product cleans a bore in less than 10 seconds. With a single pull, you'll have a barrel that is shiny and clean. Its integrated bronze brush effectively loosens hard fouling and lead, then the woven cotton floss that follows picks it all up. Completely washable so you can reuse it over and over. It has 160 times more cleaning area than a standard patch, which makes for a cleaner bore in less time. A great product to use at home, at the range or in hunting camp.

Technical Information:
Integral bore brush helps remove hard fouling and lead deposits
Long section after bore brush works like multiple patches
End has brass weight to drop through bore
The world's quickest, three-step boreshine
Brass weight is stamped with the size.

Bore cleaner may be tight fitting when new. If difficult to pull through bore, it may be easier to step on the exposed end of the bore cleaner and hold it while pulling the firearm. Ensure that you are using the correct Boresnake for the caliber firearm before using this method.

Bore cleaner can be washed with Sunlight Liqued and then rinsed with clean water, hang to dry.
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