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aimRest™ gives you the freedom to aim for as long as you wish – not for as long as your muscles allow – perfect for all hunters but not least for youngsters, women and hunters with any kind of muscle injury/strength reduction. aimRest™ is designed for rifle hunting and rifle shooting and suits all shooters who would like to be able to aim for a long time without being exhausted in the ”fore-stock arm” and hence start ”whipping cream” with the pipe – as a matter of fact, aimRest™ makes the rifle feel weightless when aiming.

Forward support unit PC/ABS
Telescopic arm Aluminium
Straps Poly propylen (PP)
Buckles Acetal (POM)
Cover lid and rubber foot TPE
Lenght max - 695mm, collapsed – 400mm
Width 65mm
Thickness 44mm
Weight 180 g