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Redding Boss Reloading Press

The Quality of Cast Iron at the Price of Aluminum!

Here is one press that has all the features reloaders look for. It's cast iron construction insures that it will last a lifetime, yet it is priced with light-duty aluminum presses! The BOSS is powerful, remarkably easy to use, and yet sensitive enough to seat primers without crushing them.

Take a look at all the features The Boss offers and you'll be convinced when it comes to O Type reloading presses, this one is truly the right choice.

 Rigid cast iron frame.
 36' frame offset gives the best visibility and access of all comparable presses.
 œSmart primer arm automatically moves in and out of position with ram travel. Priming arm is positioned where it should be : at the bottom of ram travel for the lowest leverage and best feel.
 Offset handle is in the most comfortable operating position yet out of the way for best access and visibility.
 Positive ram travel stop.
 Powerful compound linkage. 
 3 holes for rigid mounting.
 Accepts all standard 7/8'-14 threaded dies and universal shell holders.
 Shell holders may be rotated to any comfortable position desired.
 Includes primer catcher.