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BORE TECH BORE STIX 22/222/223/224 CAL 44

Availability: JHB:4+ PTA:3 STB:4+ ER:3 WR:0

Bore Tech Bore STIX 22/222/223/224 cal 44' long

Since the beginning Bore Tech has been making premium firearm accessories for serious shooters. They strive to excel in form, fit, function, quality, and value. With an extreme dedication to quality control they are a force to be reckoned with in a crowded field. 

The Bore Tech Bore Stix 1-Piece Cleaning Rod features spring steel construction with a non-softening, non-peeling coating. This Bore Tech Bore Stix 1-Piece Cleaning Rod is durable enough to resist embedding from abrasive particles, while smooth enough to still protect the rifling from damage. The Bore Tech Bore Stix 1-Piece Cleaning Rod features a large cushioned handle provides effortless rotation for the brush or jag, thanks to the 22 stainless steel bearings. The base of handle has an indexing dot to check rifling twist rates.

Specifications and Features:
  • Overall Rod Length: Working Rod Length- 44' + Handle Length
  • Handle Mount to Rod: Type
  • Rod Material: Coated Spring Steel
  • Protective Coating on Rod: Polymer
  • Tip Material: Brass
  • Thread- 8x32