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    The Fenix TK35 UE, with the latest Cree XHP 50 LED technology delivers a maximum o... Learn More

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    Illuminate Tactical Scenarios. The groundbreaking Tactician defines maximum versat... Learn More

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    f you're looking for a small, extra bright flashlight for your keychain, this is the ... Learn More
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    The Ledlenser K2, with up to 20 lm1 and a lighting distance of up to 20 m1 , is the m... Learn More
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    Our biggest and baddest of the new Outdoor Series is the MT18, delivering 3000 lumens... Learn More
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    Our new Outdoor Series line is the perfect light for any outdoor trip. With 600 lumen... Learn More
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    Offering the iconic X-Lens Technology and 4500 lumens of light. The patented Advan... Learn More

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    The P4R Core shines for its size with a superior light output of 200 lumens and ha... Learn More

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    With the upgraded P7 we've put many of your suggestions regarding the previous mod... Learn More

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    Economy meets ecology: With its energy concept that's perfectly geared towards bat... Learn More

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    Secure, hold, prop - the compact iF4R is easy to transport and always keeps your h... Learn More


Items 16-30 of 91

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