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    The Sliverax is a sleek, extremely innovative folder designed by automotive engineer ... Learn More
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    If you move in custom knife industry circles and/or attend knife shows you will ha... Learn More

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    When you purchase a Spyderco you are buying a high-quality reliable cutting tool d... Learn More

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    In 1990 Spyderco shook things up by introducing two knives, the Delica and Endura.... Learn More

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    Designed from the ground up to be an affordably priced, performance-oriented foldi... Learn More

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    In the 1980’s, the original Spyderco Endura blazed a trail as one of the fir... Learn More

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    Mantras are meant to be repeated. In the case of the Spyderco Mantra 2, that repet... Learn More

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    The Matriarch 2 combines the extraordinary cutting power of our Reverse “S&r... Learn More

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    The culmination of years of evolution and refinement, the Spyderco Matriarch 2 wit... Learn More

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    Named after an ancient Greek symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail, Spyde... Learn More

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    Depending whom you ask, Persistence means different things to different people. It... Learn More

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    Spyderco’s second-generation Tasman™ Salt 2 is a powerful fusion of a ... Learn More

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    Being tenacious means one holds fast. One is persistent and cohesive. It means bei... Learn More

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    Being tenacious means you are persistent and cohesive. It's being tough and tirele... Learn More

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    An unparalleled combination of affordability and performance, the Tenacious is the... Learn More


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