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Knife Sharpeners And Sundries


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    The Chef's Choice® 120 electric knife sharpener incorporates conical 100% diamond co... Learn More
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    Small and mighty, this budget-friendly two-stage manual knife sharpener applies a sup... Learn More
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    Professionally re-sharpens with less metal removal than conventional means and eli... Learn More

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    Reshapes a razor-sharp cutting edge on any knife in seconds. Simply draw the sharpene... Learn More
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    The Sliverax is a sleek, extremely innovative folder designed by automotive engineer ... Learn More
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    Excellent for beginners and advanced users alike. The original and legendary Contr... Learn More

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    Lansky's classic Butcher's Rod style sharpener! The Steel Sharp Stick features a h... Learn More

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    Lansky Diamond Coarse Purple

    Used to produce a fast but finished edge. For ... Learn More


Items 1-15 of 116

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