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    Modern, eye-catching EDC, lightweight design with a stylish extra-thin 'pen style'... Learn More

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    This Antic model is built with a bead blast finished blade and a blue PVD handle w... Learn More

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    You will be amazed at the solid feel, fast opening action, and generally awesome util... Learn More
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    Kershaw Knives and Emerson Knives have joined forces on a series of knives that combi... Learn More
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    The CQC-8K is a manual opener using either the thumb disk or the patented Emerson "wa... Learn More
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    This is the one you add to your truck box, toss in your go-bag, or slip into the p... Learn More

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    This is your next must-have knife. Of course you’ll like the size and how it feels ... Learn More
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    Kershaw and Danish custom knife and toolmaker, Jens Ansø, have teamed up to create a... Learn More
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    The Lightyear is an entry in the Kershaw Starter Series, designed as a slim, effec... Learn More

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    The LoneRock Folding Gut Hook is a compact tool designed to make every hunting tri... Learn More

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    This is indeed one sweet little pocketknife. The Oso Sweet features a classic drop-po... Learn More
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    At first glance, you might wonder, "what's up with this little knife?" But that's onl... Learn More
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    The new Starter's design is machined and complex—yet smoothly functional. The Blac... Learn More

Items 1-15 of 17

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