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    If you are a big fan of the 1911 semi auto pistol like we are we think you might a... Learn More

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    With an almost identical 3 1/2” Sheffield clip point blade, the Lite version... Learn More

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    The issue most people have with a utility knife is weakness. Weak locking mechanis... Learn More

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    There are very few things in life as comforting as knowing you are carrying a good kn... Learn More
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    Wes Crawford, the custom knife maker, has been a friend of Cold Steel for years, s... Learn More

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    The Delta Dart’s ergonomic handle is knurled for a secure grip, while the bu... Learn More

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    Designed by custom knife-maker Zach Whitson, Cold Steel’s Double Agent neck ... Learn More

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    If you’re looking for a budget friendly yet high-performing folding hunter, ... Learn More

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    Awesome, large, intimidating, lightweight FGX Balisong, the perfect self defense E... Learn More

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    Small, and super-functional neck knife that's a featherweight for EDC.

    ... Learn More

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    The Kobun features Cold Steels iconic reinforced “American Tanto” poin... Learn More

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    Our new FGX Balisong is not a toy but it’s awfully hard to make yourself sto... Learn More

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    The Outdoorsman Lite features sub-zero cryo-quenched German 4116 Stainless Steel blad... Learn More
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    Ideal in the bush for field dressing and skinning. A drop point blade, with a modest ... Learn More
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    No one works harder than a rancher or a farmer. And their work environment can put... Learn More


Items 1-15 of 21

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