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This is a device that will make a big difference in the world of competitive shooting as well as load development.


The Barrel Cool’s primary purpose is to do as the name says, it cools the rifle barrel. As we all know a barrel that is overheated will influence accuracy and group sizes. This unit will not only save you time while load development but improve accuracy in competitions due to the fact that your barrel will not get to hot.


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The unit makes use of 3xCR123a 3V batteries to power a small but efficient fan that is inserted into your chamber and blows ambient temperature air through your barrel. By using ambient temperature air there are no chances of creating thermal shock to the barrel (cooling to fast). In the USA they are conducting tests to confirm that the Barrel Cool actually prolongs your barrel life. This still needs to be confirmed though. Can be used in al calibre bolt action rifles as well as AR-15 platforms.

The secondary function of the Barrel Cool is to serve the purpose of a “Empty Chamber Indicator”. The unit only comes in yellow in order to make it more visible. With the unit inserted into you chamber there will be no doubt in any Range Officer’s mind that your rifle is safe.

The Barrel Cool was launched in 2016 so it is relatively knew on the market. Despite this it is already been exported to the UK, Canada, Switzerland and Italy. In the USA it is being used by the Military Marksmanship Unit as well as the U.S F-Class National Team.

So to sum it all up while you are on the range taking score or checking your group size your rifle is visibly safe and your barrel is being cooled.

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