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The BYRNA SDXL use the BYRNA SD platform but adapted to use a 12-gram CO2 cylinder. The 12-gram cylinder allows for an increase in shot capacity up to 30 projectiles per cylinder. This modification also comes fitted with a longer barrel.

The BYRNA SDXL kits are only sold in black and orange color options.


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PRODUCT OVERVIEW:The patented compact BYRNA SD is a less-lethal launcher that have the same similarity as a semi-automatic pistol. The body is molded from a glass filled nylon polymer and the grip has a rubber over mold provides better grip retention. Projectiles feeds into the BYRNA SD by utilizing interchangeable 5 round magazines. The projectiles are powered by an 8-gram CO2 cylinder that propels projectiles at approximately 280-300 fps and are accurate on distances up to 20 meters. The CO2 cylinder is housed internally underneath the barrel. The patented mechanical piercing mechanism allows the gas cylinder to sit unpierced, ready to go. When you pull the trigger in fire mode, the trigger mechanism simultaneously pierces the cylinder and shoots the first projectile. One CO2 Cylinder can shoot up to 15 projectiles (3x magazines). EXTERNAL FEATURES:The BYRNA SD features a three-blade sight, an external ambidextrous safety lever that can easily be switched between safe and fire mode, a breech indicator at the top, that does not only let you know that there is a projectile in the chamber but also when pressed down ejects the projectile from the chamber through the magazine well, so you know the launcher is clear. The BYRNA SD also come standard with a picatinny rail that allows the mounting of accessories. IN THE KIT:The BYRNA SD comes in a kit, ready to go. The kit includes a BYRNA SD launcher in color options of black, orange and tan. Included are two magazines made from glass filled nylon polymer with a load capacity of five projectiles each. The kit comes packed with a 5-count tube of chemical irritant BYRNA MAX projectiles, 5-count tube of BYRNA Kinetic projectiles and a 5-count tube of BYRNA ECO-KINETIC projectiles. Two 8-gram CO2 cylinders complete the kit. All packed in a zip up carry bag, ready to go.
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