Lansky Arkansas Hard 6


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  • JHB:0 PTA:4
  • STB:0 ER:2 WR:2
Lansky Arkansas Hard 6'
Lansky Arkansas Hard 6'

Lansky Arkansas Hard 6

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Product Information

The Lansky Hard Arkansas Stone is great for putting that final edge on a knife or tool after it has been sharpened on a Soft Arkansas Stone or for touching up a knife that is already sharp. The Hard Arkansas Stone leaves a highly polished finish that looks fantastic. The Lansky Benchstone features a rubberized coating on the bottom of its base that keeps it from sliding around. The Lansky Hard Arkansas Benchstone is an excellent size for most users. It is large enough to handle just about any blade but not so big that it takes up too much room on your work bench. 

Technical Information

  • Size: 6' x 2'
  • Leaves a polished finish
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