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Australia's Best Bush Hats. Proudly Australian Made.

One our most popular styles in the Barmah range, the Squash Kangaroo is made from extremely soft, pliable and lightweight kangaroo leather - the toughest leather in the world pound for pound and the reason it is used in motorcycle leathers. They are ideal for travelling as they are lightweight and they fold down into the free calico travel bag provided.

¢             The original hat-in-a-bag

¢             Made in Australia using Australian kangaroo leather

¢             All kangaroo hides are obtained under the Australian Federal Government's Wildlife Protection Act

¢             Marks and scratches on our kangaroo leather hats are considered a natural feature

¢             Fully packable - Super-light and strong - Waterproof

The hats come up on the small side and we encourage people to wear a hat as loose as they can possibly get away with without the hat falling off your head. To get a good fit, please measure the circumference of your head, one inch above your eyebrows, in a comfortable fit, which means not too loose and not too tight, as you would like the hat to feel on your head and then select a size. Pretty much always go for the size up if you fall in between sizes, so for example a 58cm head measurement, I would suggest a Large 59cm hat.
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