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Key Features


    Absorption technology “ no refrigerants

    8 litres a day extraction, which is equivalent to a 16 or 20 litre compressor dehumidifier

    New easier graphical control panel

    Up to 80% reduction in running costs

    Intelligent Meaco control system

    Small and lightweight

    Very quiet in operation

    Trusted Meaco brand name

    Suitable for flats and up to a 5 bed house

    Perfect for boats/cars/caravans/garages

    Anti-bacterial filter

    Great for drying washing

The current version of the Meaco DD8L represents 8 years of development of the desiccant dehumidifier and the very best domestic dehumidification technology available today. We have used our experience and just as importantly, listened to our customers, and redefined what was already a class leading dehumidifier.

Up to 80% less energy consumption

It has been standard within the industry for desiccant dehumidifiers to always run their fan continuously, regardless of the relative humidity.  They do this so that they can react to rises in relative humidity and start to dry the air again.  This provides a level of accurate dehumidification that is over kill for domestic applications.  The alternative provided by most compressor dehumidifiers is for the dehumidifier to turn off when the relative humidity target is reached.  This saves energy but does mean that the dehumidifier potentially misses increases in relative humidity and could allow organic materials in the home to absorb the excess moisture and mould to grow.


Energy saving and accurate dehumidification combined

The Meaco DD8L provides the best possible solution.  When the target relative humidity is reached it runs its fan for 5 minutes to check that all is ok and then it turns itself off to save energy.  Thirty minutes later it turns its fan back on and samples the air again for 5 more minutes.  If the relative humidity has increased above it's target it starts dehumidifying again, if the relative humidity is ok it goes back to sleep again for another 30 minutes.  In a well sealed home this will mean that the fan will run for just 10 minutes an hour instead of 60, using just 1/6th of the power of other desiccant dehumidifiers.


The above is the perfect balance between protecting your environment and keeping costs to a minimum.


This Meaco exclusive control logic is available on the Meaco 20L, the Meaco DD8L and the Meaco DD8L Junior and only Meaco make desiccant dehumidifiers that do this.


The Meaco DD8L is our best selling dehumidifier because;


It is great in a flat “ very quiet, can dry laundry, very light and quiet.

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