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The original Finnish name of the company was Suojeluskuntain Ase- ja Konepaja Osakeyhtiö (Firearms and Machine workshop of the Civil Guard).

Established in 1921, Sako has a varied and eventful history.

First created to build and service firearms for the Civil Guard in Finland, the company played a key role in Finland’s struggle for survival during the storms of the WWII. Later the company grew through focusing on production excellence, honouring its dedicated crafsmen and personnel, and providing innovative solutions to shooters’ emerging needs.

For decades Sako has developed world-class military, target and hunting rifles, as well as cartridges. By integrating its knowledge of both the rifle and cartridge production, Sako brand can offer a shooter the unique advanteges of uncompromising accuracy and reliability. Alongside Beretta and its unique firearms traditions that reach all the way to the year 1526, Sako looks ahead more confidently than ever. We proudly carry on the rifle manufacturing knowledge and skills, with the utmost respect towards the surrounding nature.

1919 :The White Guard's general staff's weapons factory established

1921 : Separate company established in Helsinki (1.4.1921 = birthday)

1927 :Company relocated to Riihimäki in December

1929 : Manufacturing of ammunition begins, first assembly of the "Pystykorva" rifle

1932 :Manufacturing of rifle barrels begins

1938 : Manufacturing of rifle stocks begins

1939 :Material production, among other things, 275 mil. machine gun rounds for the Finnish Defence Forces

1945 :Finnish Red Cross is the new owner; emergency goods production

1962 :New owner: Suomen Kaapelitehdas Oy

1967 :New owner: Oy Nokia Ab

1983 :Oy Sako-Tikka Ab (29.9.1983) > Nokia Oy also acquired Tikkakoski Oy's plant

1986 :Name changes; Nokia Koneteollisuus Sako factories & Tikkakoski factories

1987 :Sako-Valmet Oy > New ownership: 1.1.1987 Valmet Oy and Nokia Oy (50%/50%)

1989 :Name changes; Sako Oy Riihimäki factory, Tikkakoski factory & Tourula factory (Jyväskylä)

Production at Tikkakoski is terminated 31.3.1989, Tikka-production is transferred to Riihimäki

Sako Defencetec Oy established; Sako acquires Hackman Oy's cartridge factory in Leppävirta
- Jyväskylä's Tourula factory's ammunition production and Leppävirta's cartridge production are combined

1993 :Assault rifle production is concentrated in Riihimäki, Tourula continues to manufacture ammunition

1994 : Sako acquires a majority stake in Stoeger Inc, which operates in the USA and Canada
1995 : Sako Defencetec Oy's entire ammunition production line was sold to Vammas Oy on 5.5.1995
- Sako concentrates its hunting and sporting guns production to the Riihimäki factory, including assault rifles and ammunition

1997 : Gradual scaling down of assault rifle production is commenced at the beginning of the year

Thanks to the success of Sako 75 rifle offering, older Sako rifle offerings are withdrawn from production

Sako's new cartridge loading plant is inaugurated in Hausjärvi in the spring of 1997

1999 : Nokia Oy sales its shares, Valmet Oy has 100% ownership
- Valmet Oy and Rauma Oy merge, the new company is Metso Oyj
2000 :Metso Oyj sells 100% of shares to the Italian Beretta Holding B.V. (3.1.2000)
2001 :Beretta Holding invests in the Riihimäki factory and begins construction of a 2000 m² factory expansion in the spring

2002:New/renewed premises launched in the summer of 2002

Branch company established in Stockholm, Sweden, official launch 1.10.2002

2003 :Joint company project between Sako and Italian MdS begins; manufacturing of walnut stocks is transferred to Italy
2005:Sako manufactures record 70,000 rifles

2006 :Sako celebrates its 85 anniversary by launching a hunting rifle family, Sako 85

The company make major investments in production machinery

2011 :Sako 90th anniversary, Sako 85 anniversary Safari rifle serie, 10 + 90 pcs

Sako introduced a new sniper rifle Sako TRG M10

2013 :Sako reached a new record; over 100.000 rifles were produced

Source: Sako History