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If you’re looking to buy a good pair of hiking shoes or boots, sifting through the various options can be overwhelming. There are so many brands and ranges to choose from that it can be incredibly difficult to choose a single pair. Luckily, we know a thing or two about the great outdoors, and we’re here to recommend the Salomon brand for all your outdoor needs.

Salomon has been a respected name in the outdoor footwear industry for decades. Their products consistently receive fantastic reviews, no matter the shoe type or target market. When you buy Salomon, you know you’re buying into quality footwear for life.

Speedcross Trail Running Shoe

One of Salomon’s more popular ranges is the Speedcross trail running shoe. These shoes are primarily known for their incredible traction. This is mainly due to their very long lugs, which provide fantastic grip on a variety of surfaces. If you don’t want to be slipping and sliding along the trail, these shoes are your best option.

The Speedcross range is also lauded for its ergonomic design. It uses soft rubber on the inside of the shoe, while also having harder rubber outside to ensure a balance between being comfortable and long-lasting.

The innovative lacing system of the Speedcross range is another plus. You simply need to pull on the tab and press down, and your feet will be well secured within the shoes. The laces fit into a stow-away pocket, so that they won’t bounce around annoyingly. The system also ensures that the laces are evenly spread so that there are no bulges at any point, providing optimal comfort.

The Salomon Comet 3D GTX

The Salomon Comet 3D GTX is the flagship member of the company’s boot range. It is light and comfortable, ensuring that your feet don’t take unnecessary strain. You don’t want to be hampered by your boots before you’ve even set foot outdoors!

There is fantastic ankle support and good resistance against twist, ensuring that uneven routes don't injure you. As with all Salomon footwear, the traction on these boots is fantastic. When wearing these boots, all you need to focus on is the trail ahead.

The soles in the Comet 3D GTX are specially designed for walking, ensuring that they excel at their purpose. The OrthoLite technology within the boots moulds to your feet over time, providing you with the ultimate comfort.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you should consider using a pair of Salomon footwear for your next outdoor adventure. Whatever footwear you require, you are guaranteed quality and reliability. Have a look at our range of Salomon footwear and shop now.

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