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Summer is around the corner, and to prepare you for all the exciting outdoor trips you have planned, we have created the ultimate list of things to pack for a summer camping trip.

We want to ensure you are comfortable during your excursions, so here are some recommendations. It is advisable that you take two pairs of comfortable full-length trousers as well as a pair of shorts. For all the long distance walking you’d want to take two pairs of well-worn, comfortable hiking boots with thick socks. The African sun can be harsh, so remember to pack your sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 20 as well as two or three pairs of sleeveless shirts or t-shirts and a good hat. Check out our range of shirts here.

Even though it gets really hot during the day, summer nights can still be quite chilly, so pack pajamas that will keep you warm as well as an extra pair of socks. To ensure you’re fully prepared, we recommend that you pack warm sweaters and a heavy shirt. A wind and water resistant jacket can be the lifesaver you never knew you needed, as well as a bandana or neck scarf, so pack that in too! When tracking game, you’ll need your eyes to be relaxed so that you’re not squinting at your target. For this, we recommend a pair of great sunglasses, which you can view here.

Now that we’ve covered your body, let’s get into your equipment checklist!

Batteries are sometimes the last thing you pack, yet they are the most important. To avoid last minute forgetfulness, pack them first! Next up, a warm sleeping bag is essential as well as an air mattress or thin pad.

A day pack is mostly for hikers, but can make things a ton easier for others too. Grab your binoculars, two water bottles (one can be used for filtering water), a flashlight  and a headlamp. The last two will come in handy when you’re still outside by the time the sun has set.

As a precaution, pack some insect repellent and any personal allergy medication you might need. Some people enjoy a few days of being free in the bush with no washing, which is totally fine. For those who want to continue their daily routines, it’s a good idea to pack toiletries, a toothbrush, floss, biodegradable shampoo and soap.

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