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Have you ever missed a crucial shot due to a lack of stability? Shooting without some form of stability assistance can be tricky. You should consider using shooting sticks, or perhaps a bipod or tripod. But what are these, and which of them should you choose? What are shooting sticks?

Shooting sticks are the simplest of the three stability devices. They usually consist of two sticks, attached to each other to form an ‘X’ shape. You can adjust how high the two sticks meet. You use the point at which they meet as a rest, ensuring improved stability.

What is a bipod?

Bipods also have two legs, but they tend to be thicker than those of shooting sticks. Rather than simply forming an ‘X’ shape, there is a device where the legs meet that allows the legs to extend and retract, much like a camera bipod. When using a bipod, you do not merely rest upon it. Instead, it attaches directly to your weapon. This has the added benefit of allowing you to leave your weapon attached to the bipod while walking, which makes for a more straightforward way of transporting your bipod on the move.

What is a tripod?

Tripods differ from shooting sticks and bipods in that they have three legs, rather than two. The three legs meet much like a bipod. However, instead of allowing you to attach your weapon, tripods have a ‘V’ where the legs meet, which functions as a rest – more like shooting sticks.

Which shooting stick should you buy?

Each of these stability devices have pros and cons. Shooting sticks are incredibly light to carry, but they also tend to be the least steady of the three. A bipod is heavier than shooting sticks, but is still fairly easy to carry, partially due to the ability to leave it attached to your gun. Tripods are the heaviest of these devices, but they are also the most stable. Many people use these when they are hunting in a group because in these groups it is easier to balance out the equipment, ensuring that nobody is over-encumbered.

Ultimately, however, it is mostly down to preference. Some people like simple shooting sticks, while others prefer a bipod or tripod. The best way to decide which is right for you is to test each of the options out. Safari Outdoor has a variety for you to look at, which can be seen here or pop into your nearest Safari Outdoor branch and we’ll be happy to offer some more advice.

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