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Top 6 Books for Your Winter Nights In

Winter time calls for more nights in and toasty fireplaces with hot drinks and a good book. However, sometimes it can also come with its fair amount of cabin fever. If you don’t have a trip coming up soon, books are a great to restore wanderlust back into the dreary winter days. No need to feel trapped indoors -  with these books you can explore new countries, get familiar with interesting characters and flavours as you join in on countless adventures, all from the comforts of your home.  So, we’ve compiled a list of top six books to make your nights in more memorable. Whilst maybe even brushing up on some familiar topics as well. 


Book One: A Kitchen Safari

You don’t need to leave your kitchen to be introduced to international flavours and tastes. This cookbook is great for some inspiration on proud African cuisine and showcases the very essence of hospitality. While enjoying a lazy night in, this is perfect for getting some food ideas.  It covers unique pan-African cuisine with influences from South-East Asia and Portuguese-African influenced spices and peri-peris. 

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Book Two: Tracks Across Africa by Craig Boddington

Read as Craig Boddington beautifully describes his third decade of African hunting experiences. Get lost in his tales of covering almost every African country’s soil and the adventures that come along with them.

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Book Three: Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

If you are looking for more of a thrill, why not indulge in the novel from renowned author of the hit novel and film, The Girl on the Train. This high-suspense story will bring back a bit of energy into your night. It explores the journey of a 15-year-old girl who lost her mother, with exciting and heavy twists around every corner.

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Book four: Dooierus by Herman Jonker

Herman Jonker is known for his popular monthly rubric “Dooierus” verses. They appear, and are wildly adored for over 14 years, in the ‘’Wild & Jag” magazine for over 14 years as well as the “SA Jagter.” His humoristic style of writing has been a long-time favourite under hunters and nature-lovers alike and is bound to make anyone want to get back onto African soil.

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Book Five: Bloodties by Ted Kerasote

Kerasote’s book is filled with important questions that makes the reader think about how they would react in a specific situation. His book “Bloodties” is an entertaining safari across the globe. He takes the reader to the coast of Greenland, all the way to travels through the Siberian wilderness. Kerasote explores all the incredibly different sides of hunting, writing from an objective angle and allowing the reader to truly see it from their own perspective and form their own opinion. 

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Book Six: True Grit by Bear Grylls

Most of us are well familiar with Bear Grylls and his ultimate survival skills. Now, the reader can get a behind-the-scenes look. In this novel, Bear Grylls tells the stories of all the multiple people who have influenced and inspired him with their survival expertise and ultimate life adventures. Bear Grylls knows how to survive, but he definitely wasn’t the first and only one. A perfect light read that still makes you shiver at the thought of if you would ever survive in these situations.

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