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Do you own guns and need a place to store them? Perhaps you’ve recently purchased a gun, or you’ve been using storage methods that are not as safe as it should be. If that’s the case, you should definitely consider purchasing a gun safe.

Here are ten reasons why you should own a gun safe:

1. The law requires your guns to be stored safely

There are a host of legalities around the storage of guns. The SABS set certain regulations regarding gun safes. It is therefore vitally important that you keep your guns in a SABS approved gun safe.

2. Keep them out of reach of children

If your guns aren’t securely stored in a gun safe, your younger children could get hold of one of your firearms, and mistakenly hurt either themselves or another friend or family member. You should place avoiding such tragedy in very high regard.

3. Keep your guns secure from criminals

In the unfortunate event of thieves breaking into your home, you don’t want them to have access to your guns because they could use them to subdue you and your family. Alternatively, they could simply steal your guns, losing you thousands of rands worth of assets.

4. Protection against the misuse of your stolen guns

If your stolen guns are used in a crime, you will need to prove to the legal system that you took appropriate measures to keep your guns out of criminals’ hands. Therefore, keeping your guns stored in an SABS approved gun safe is a successful measure to take

5. Protection against natural disasters

Gun safes aren’t only designed to keep your guns safe from other people. Many are designed to withstand the elements, including fire and flooding. Before purchasing a gun safe, check whether it will be able to withstand natural disasters. Your guns are worth a lot of money, so ensure that they are protected from all possibilities!

6. Store other items

Gun safes don’t only have to contain your guns. They are very secure, making them great for storing other valuable items. Some gun safes have special spaces for documents and ammunition, such the ones listed here.

7. Improves the image of gun owners

Many people think that gun owners are paranoid and irresponsible. If you own a gun safe, you can help to change this stereotype by keeping your firearms secure in the comfort of your own home.

8. They are a long-term investment

In the long run, buying a high-quality gun safe will be a valuable investment. It is worth remembering, however, to continuously ensure that SABS regulations do not change, as this could potentially render your gun safe SABS-unapproved.

9. Split your guns between safes

If you already own a safe, it is still a good idea to have multiple safes, each containing some of your guns. This protects you if one of your safes is somehow compromised. Additionally, it provides more access opportunities should you need to protect yourself against intruders.

10. A good investment

Ultimately, purchasing a gun safe is a great investment you’ll be making for yourself as well as your family. Their safety is of the utmost importance, and storing your firearms in a gun safe will ensure they are well protected the safe way.

Hopefully, you have learned the value of a good gun safe. If you would like to purchase one, visit your nearest Safari Outdoor branch or choose from our extensive range here.


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