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Social media terms can be confusing! Here are some terms we use in the Safari Outdoor app, and what they mean.


Short for biography, a bio is the part of a profile where people give general information about themselves, such as their interests, hobbies, and home town.


Much like a physical bookmark, social media bookmarks are used to indicate a piece of content that the reader wants to return to at a later stage.


A follower is someone who has decided to subscribe to receive updates on your posts.


Hashtags are used to categorise information, making it easily searchable. For example, using the hashtag #rifles would allow someone searching for rifles to find your post.


A like is a visual indication a user can make that they have consumed your content and approve of it.


Mentions are inclusions of someone's username, usually preceded by an '@' sign, to attribute content to them, or involve them in a conversation.


Tagging is a social media tool commonly used to allow users to create a backlink to someone's profile and is usually done when the person is shown in a picture or specifically targeted by the update.

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