Packing your African clothing for an African safari holiday is not as easy as it seems. If it’s your first African safari experience, it’s unlikely that you have the safari clothing essentials readily available, so it’s important to do your research and plan accordingly to ensure you have the invest in the right items.

If you’ve never gone into the bush, you need to know that it’s not always as glamorous as the edited photos you see online. If you don’t have the right safari clothing, you could have a negative experience. Before you throw in your high-waisted jeans and torn shorts, be sure to read the list below.

Dressing for the right occasion

When you begin packing for your safari trip, try to remember that you’re going to get dirty. A trip into the wild is different to any other camping or outdoor experience you might have experienced. Your days are going to be extremely hot and your evenings are going to be the opposite – freezing.

While you might be sweating during the days, you still need to consider the environment. You will need to have long pants packed for any walk through the bush, as well as tops that protect you from the sun. If you’re going to make the most of your getaway, pack loose-fitting t-shirts and shorts that are light in weight. Also, pack a hat, a warm jacket, long sleeves shirts and pants that are neutral in colour.

Toiletries and first-aid essentials

You never know what could happen to you in the bush, and if something terrible does happen, you need to know that you are prepared. Don’t assume that your bush site has a first-aid kit available for everyone, so always make the effort to bring plasters, Dettol, bandages, painkillers, nausea tablets and allergy tablets in case you are bitten by an insect or experience an allergic reaction in the bush. On that note, bring a fair amount of hygiene and toiletry essentials in case you run out, as well as sunblock and washing powder in case you need to do some laundry during your stay in the bush.

Other important items

Lastly, make sure that you pack any entertainment you might want. For example, a camera. Your African safari experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so it’s important to make the most of it and bring items with that will contribute to your experience. Many game reserves support local communities and often appreciate the support. Do your research about the area you’re visiting and any advice you might receive from people who have returned from their first bush experience. At the end of the day, pack light and smart. Make the most of your time and enjoy the holiday away from your busy life.

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The Ultimate Packing List for Your African Safari