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Sighting a rifle scope is a trick that will come naturally after lots of practice. With this simple guide, we’ll teach you the basics of how to sight in a rifle scope, while your only job is to keep practicing!

The first thing you will need to do when sighting your rifle scope is to ensure your scope is installed properly. Most modern rifles are equipped with a mounting system for a scope. You’d want to make sure that your scope mount and rings are a proper fit for your style of rifle.

Secondly, adjust the eye distance by getting your eyepiece situated in such a way that you see a clear, distinct image. Fine tune the scope until it creates the perfect amount of eye relief. Then, establish a stable shooting position. You can either position your rifle on a shooting bench with a mount or a bipod. Either method can work to achieve great results. However, a rifle mount can reduce the recoil up to 95% while securely holding your rifle on its target. We have a range of rifle mounts at various prices for you to choose from here.

Even though it is an important part of the process, most shooters seldom take the alignment of their reticle into consideration when zeroing their scope. When the cross hairs of your scope are not perfectly aligned to the directions of the elevation and windage adjustments, it is referred to as “reticle cant” and can actually cause your shots to miss right or left of the target.

Thereafter, you will need to set your minute of angle (MOA), which may be easier to do at an outdoor shooting range. Most rifle scopes will then allow you to adjust the crosshairs in ¼ MOA increments. In order to make the bullet impact move one MOA at one hundred yards (approximately 91m), you must turn the elevation or the windage knob, four clicks. The click value moves up by 6mm for each hundred-yard increase in distance.

Keep trying different distances and repeat until you are able to consistently hit shots very close to the bullseye. Once you master that, you can start practicing hitting targets that are further away. If you follow these basic steps, you’ll eventually gain the confidence to start developing your target shooting skills.

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