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What are the 5 menu icons at the bottom of your screen for?

Your feed is where other users' posts will display. When your feed is being displayed, you can press the icon to the right of the 'Safari Outdoor' title to choose what displays on your feed. You can choose between Top Trending Posts, Most Recent, Only People I am Following, and Unanswered Questions.


Find places to visit, people to interact with, and posts to read. You can also see where the places are situated on an interactive map, as well as where posts were published from.


This is the place to go if you want to post something. There are a variety of post type options to choose from, such as Questions and Review. You can also choose to make your post private, add images to your post, and tag places, locations and people.


Have a look at your notifications, what you've posted, who follows you, and who you've followed. By pressing the cog in the top-right corner, you can edit your settings, including your personal details and your profile privacy.


Read up on us - Safari Outdoor! We're delighted to be a part of your hunting experience.

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