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Let’s take a deeper look at the full power of the various sections of the Safari Outdoor App.

You can filter your posts by a variety of options.

Top Trending Posts - see the posts that are most popular on the app right now.

Most Recent - Get the latest posts, straight to your feed.

Only People I am Following - Filter your feed to exclude content posted by users who you don't follow.

Unanswered Questions - If you're in the mood to answer questions, this option will display questions that other users have asked, and haven't received a response for.


Find new places, people, and posts:

Places - Choose between searching for hunting destinations or national parks, and see them displayed on a map for even easier decision-making.

People - Look through the profiles of other hunters, follow them, and see what they're getting up to.

Posts - Find people's posts, and discover where they were when they made these posts.


Let people know what you're up to.

Choose between the following post types:

  • general posts
  • trophy-sharing
  • asking questions
  • submitting reviews

You can also choose whether you want to make your posts private or not. Private posts are only viewable by your followers. Finally, you can also add tags and images to your posts.


View post, follower, following, and notification information here. Additionally, use the following options in the settings screen (accessed by pressing the icon to the right of the 'Safari Outdoor' title).

  • My Places - suggest places to other users.
  • My Bookmarked Posts - access content that you've bookmarked.
  • Edit Profile - change your personal details
  • Make Profile Private - decide whether non-followers can follow you and see your posts.
  • Push Notifications - Get notifications when people interact with your posts or create new content.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.
  • Recommend our App to other hunters.

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