Choosing the right winter outdoor gloves

If the glove fits, wear it? Well, if only choosing the right glove for your outdoor trip was that simple. As the days get shorter and the cooler winter winds start filling the air, it might be time to start preparing for your winter outdoor trips. Although many may think that winter in sunny South Africa may not be much to worry about, think again. Winter varies in intensity from province to province, and it’s important to not fall into the trap that SA is warm 24/7. Having the right gear and equipment is pivotal for your comfort and success during any winter outdoor trip. One thing that is frequently overlooked, and that can make or break a trip, is the right pair of gloves.

Choosing the right glove is, firstly, largely dependent on the sort of outdoor trip you are planning. Keep in mind what you would like to achieve during your specific outdoor trip. Is your main concern to stay toasty and warm, or do you need flexibility and grip? There is a large variety of gloves available for different weather conditions, made of different materials and with diverse features. Assess what you need to get out of the glove before purchasing your glove. Ideally, you are going to want to find the glove that has the perfect balance between protection, warmth and practicality.

Things to consider when buying an outdoor glove: 

Protection and warmth

It may seem obvious, but if your hands aren’t properly protected from the cold weather, your hands will lose their dexterity. Apart from warmth, also consider the vegetation of the area you are going to visit. Will you be venturing deep into the bushes? If yes, then you might want to consider a sturdier glove to protect you from possible cuts and bruises while adventuring. 

The length of the glove 

If you know there is going to be a decent amount of rain during your outdoor trip, most people prefer a longer glove so they can tuck their glove into their jacket. This will prevent water from seeping into the gap between your jacket and glove. 

All across gripping

Find a glove that you feel comfortable handling various tools with. You are going to have to do most things with your glove, so you want to ensure there is enough grip. 

Flexibility and manoeuvrability

As a glove becomes more insulated, and especially as it becomes more waterproof, the flexibility of the glove may not be up to par. Find a glove that fits, yet allows you to easily manoever and do daily tasks. 


Even if your glove offers the right insulation and keeps your hands warm, if the glove is not water resistant your hands will get wet and most likely stay cold. Once this happens it is extremely difficult to dry your gloves and keep your hands warm, making waterproof is a must. 

Touchscreen compatibility 

In today's day and age, it is almost inevitable that you are going to be making use of digital technology. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet or GPS, consider getting a glove that is touchscreen compatible for your convenience. 

Safari friendly

Last but not least, if you need gloves for either a hunting trip or going on safari, make sure your gloves don’t make a lot of noise and aren’t too flashy. Neutral colours are recommended.