Camping in nature is a soothing way to unwind with zero distractions. It’s a peaceful break away from your daily hustle-and-bustle, and an ideal way to spend quality time with your loved ones. But it’s important to note that bush camping is an entirely new experience. If you’re a beginner and think that camping in the bush is very similar to general campsite camping and doesn’t require any more planning than you usually would, you’re wrong. Start your getaway on the right foot by planning.

Here are five helpful camping tips your bush getaway:

Planning, planning, planning!

When you plan for a bush camping trip, you need to factor in everything – from the food and water to your camping gear, kitchen essentials and more. Most of the time, bush camps are situated far away from towns, so you won’t be able to anything if you run out of something specific. Set up your camping equipment at home so that you can ensure everything is working properly beforehand.

Be clever when you pack

Pack light and smart. The nights tend to get incredibly cold, and the days are known to be scorching hot.Pack according to these two climate changes, and as well as long clothing for the days when you decideto go on a long walk through the bush. When you pack, leave the unnecessary items at home. Remember you’re going to be spending your time under the African sun. Rather focus on the essentials such as a hat, insect repellent, comfortable shoes and practical clothes.

Always keep hydrated

Plenty of water is a must-have! You need to ensure you pack enough water to drink, cook and wash with on your bush camping adventure. The days are long and warm, so you need to keep hydrated. While you’re away on holiday, you don’t want to feel dehydrated and such an exciting, far away adventure.

Pack food that will last

While you might want to cook up a storm and make hearty meals in the bush, you need to be practical. If you are a beginner, you’re likely not to be well-equipped in terms of fridges and more. If this is the case, try to pack practical tinned food that will last. If you are well-equipped, on the other hand, pack everything that your heart desires. Always over cater than under cater in the bush.

Invest in the correct outdoor equipment

If you want your camping experience to be fun-filled and memorable, invest in some sturdy outdoor equipment. Your camping gear needs to be durable and able to withstand a change in climate condition. If you’re unable to find a shady area, you need to have your own gazebos and shading to protect you from the sun. Also, look at long-lasting lighting options and a portable toilet. The rest of your essentials
will fall under your general camping requirements, be sure to be prepared.

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