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What is 6PAY?

6PAY is an interest free payment option, offered by Safari & Outdoor (Pty) Ltd to the customer whereby the customer is allowed to pay selected goods in multiple installments until full payment is made upon which Safari & Outdoor will release the goods to the customer (given the relevant legal requirements are met, i.e. firearm license approval if applicable).

Why 6PAY?

  1. 1. It’s interest free
  2. 2. You can choose your own down payment term (6 months or less)
  3. 3. A minimum of 20% deposit is required

What is the T&C's on 6PAY?

  1. 6 Pay is only applicable to Firearms (Accessories may be added to a 6Pay, but goods cannot leave the store) with a total value of R5000 or more
  2. Optics is only available on 6PAY when a firearm is part of your purchase
  3. You MUST take a Motivation from us for R 860.00 (On Firearms 6Pay's. This may be added to the price of the item being financed or paid separately, up front.
  4. 20% Deposit not negotiable or refundable.
  5. SAP534 must be obtained at agreement stage to ensure that we do not have any admin issues if a customer cancels his/her contract.
  6. No promotional or discounted items, (Any items on an advertised promotion or sale) but prices can be adjusted to normal retail
  7. Customer will have to wait up to an hour for agreement to be loaded and checked.
  8. Customer can only get his/her SAPS271 to apply for a license after payment of the first installment after the deposit.
  9. Copy ID and proof of residence must also accompany your application.
  10. No Staff or dealers.
  11. Thereafter, any number of monthly installments (6 months or less) can be selected.

Please feel free to contact us at any stage if you have a question, or visit your preferred Safari Outdoor store.

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