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BARREL BLASER 300 WIN MAG MATCH 25.7 in (652 MM) NO SIGHTS 0.87 in (22 MM)

Like the Blaser R93, the Blaser R8 is a modular system capable of switching barrels. When changing from one caliber to another within the same caliber family, no bolt head change is necessary. If going outside of the caliber group during a barrel exchange, the bolt head has to be changed as well. However, the bolt head can be exchanged quickly and easily. R8 barrels come with the suitable magazine insert.

The Match barrel is designed for sport shooting and hunting with long distances. Depending on caliber and contour, it weighs .approx 200-300g (0.44-0.66lb.) more than a standard barrel. A fluted barrel is standard. This decreases cooling down time when shooting over longer periods of time due to an increased surface area. Also, the weight is reduced.

Fluted barrels decrease cool down time and are an eye catcher. The fluting is specially grinded into the barrel and increases the surface area of the barrel for better cooling.

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