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P 9.3MM 300GR SWIFT A-FRAME (50)

For 28 years A-Frame rifle bullets have set the standard by which all bonded bullets are measured. With its controlled expansion of 2.2x and 95%+ weight retention A-Frame penetrates deep and mushrooms perfectly, making it the choice of hunters for use on any game, anywhere in the world.

Semi-spitzer nose profile designed to withstand recoil impact in magazine without deforming. Progressively tapered jacket controls rate of expansion over wide range of velocities. Pure lead core bonded to jacket with Swift proprietary process.

A-Frame Cross member positioned to optimize expansion diameter for each caliber. Jacket formed from pure copper, not alloys. Protected rear core provides momentum for deep penetration. Thick jacket locks in rear core, preventing deformation and retaining weight. 


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  • Caliber: 9.3mm (1.310”)
  • Diameter: .366
  • Weight: 300 Grains
  • Sectional Density: .320
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .342
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365 (9.3 mm)
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