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To say that Gary Ingersoll is an accomplished hunter is like saying Mohammed Ali was a good boxer. Initially, Gary hunted only in North America during the time when most hunting clothes consisted of an old pair of jeans and a military surplus jacket. He was one of the very first hunters to obtain the North American 27. (The traditional 27 included the jaguar, polar bear, and walrus.)

Then, as any international big-game hunter must, he went to Africa. His first stop was in Kenya in 1976 just before it closed to hunting. He had an incredible safari of thirty-five days, during which he took a black rhino. The Africa bug bit him, and in rapid succession Gary went to Sudan in the middle of a civil war, to the C.A.R. after a 100-pound elephant, and to all the other traditional hunting places of the great game continent that is Africa. Along the way he had a leopard that gave him quite a fright, to put it mildly, and he hunted in the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia in search of a mountain nyala.

Africa is not the only world-class hunting destination, and Gary certainly went after other game as well. He loved hunting in the mountains and has a large sheep collection to prove it—all of which were gained by hard hunting and by setting one foot in front of the other in his endeavor to climb ever up and, seemingly, almost never down. He took a Grand Slam and Super Slam of sheep after having hunted in Mongolia, China, Russia, Khirghistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kamchatka, and Iran. He went no less than three times for a Marco Polo. Of course, to get a Grand Slam one has to go from Alaska to Mexico, and that was on his itinerary as well.

Far from being a “Let’s go do this and collect that animal,” Gary has a love of hunting, and he is as enthusiastic about the sport today as he was when he started in the early 1970s. It would be impossible to recount even half the hunts he has taken unless you want a book as thick as the Manhattan phone directory, so he has taken his most exciting, interesting, and noteworthy stories to retell in this book. Together with his co-author Sally Antrobus, he has brought us a book so interesting that the reader is pulled into one story after another.

There are endless adventures in Born to Hunt, so, sit back, relax, and follow Gary on his enterprising escapades while hunting around the globe.


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