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Norma's range of cartridges covers practically all kind of hunting, from north to south and from east to west.

The .416-cartridges combines the trajectory of a .375 H&H and the muzzle energy of the .458 Win. Mag. and they hereby constitute very versatile cartridges. Actually they are close to the non-existing all round cartridge for hunting all over the world.


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Norma brass and powder and loaded under the most rigorous inspection standards in the industry. Nickelled cases are used to ensure the most reliable feeding and ejection from rifles whose metalwork is too hot to touch or is full of the inevitable African dust. The Woodleigh FMJ bullets use a steel jacket twice as thick as any other in the industry. Cases are all hand inspected both before and after loading. We carefully select powder and primer in order to make variations in point of impact from batch to batch as small as possible.

In 1988 Remington finally decided to fill the gap between the .375 H&H and the .458 Win. Mag. The result was .416 Remington Magnum. During the previous 25 years a wide variety of wildcats with .416' bullets had emerged. One of the most popular was the .416 Hoffman, which is based upon a blown out full-length .375 H&H- case.

Remington basically did the same thing by necking up the 8mm Rem. Mag. case to accept a .416' bullet. Hereby Remington managed to make a cartridge which duplicates the performance of the .416 Rigby with the original loads that made this cartridge famous. However, the .416 Rigby was made with a huge case in order to keep down the pressure from the fast burning Cordite-powder in tropical climates. This is the reason that the .416 Remington operates at a higher pressure - like most modern cartridges designed for modern rifles.

  • Caliber:416 Rem. Mag.
  • Bullet weight: 29.2 g / 450 gr
  • Bullet type: Full Metal Jacket
  • Brand: Norma African PH
  • Game: Dangerous Game
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