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P 270 150GR NORMA ORYX (100)

The Norma Oryx 270 Cal 277 150gr Bonded Point Bullet is specifically manufactured to ensure perfect mushrooming at all impact velocities. The bullet features a thin forward jacket with internal splitting zones resulting in reliable expansion with every shot.

The bonding process involves soldering together the bullet jacket and core to produce a uniform structure preventing separation or fragmentation on impact, even after striking dense bone.


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Oryx means good accuracy, massive mushrooming and high residual weight. This bonded design suits the all-round hunter who wishes to simplify the choice of cartridge for hunting. Thanks to its excellent performance, in a very few years Oryx has become the most popular of the Norma bullets.

  • Diameter: 0.277 Inches
  • Quantity: 100 Bullets
  • Bullet style: Protected Point
  • Bullet Caliber: 270 Cal
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277 (6.8 mm)
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